Time to Cut Back on the Library Jokes

While I have never wrote a story about a library or one where it somehow included a library, I am glad that I read How Not to Write About Libraries. If I hadn’t read this article by a librarian, then I to would probably make some of the most common mistakes listed in this article.

For instance, I would try and include some type of library joke. I might even look up jokes online just for some inspiration. But I am now aware that most people who have been working in a library do not like it and have heard it all before. I suppose I know how they feel; you hear one short joke, you’ve heard them all.

I respect the point of view of all people and I would never want to disrespect or insult anyone, including anyone who works in a library (not necessarily a librarian). Apparently the writer of the “How not to…” is fed up and annoyed with at least 10 things that reporters do when they write about libraries. These 10 things mentioned in the article might come in handy one day.



  1. …too bad this librarian was being grouchy about it. I mean, lets get real, there are jokes made about EVERYONE. Red heads, blondes, brunettes, athletes, teachers, etc.
    I think you’re being sarcastic, which if I am correct, WAY TO GO! (: Love this!

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